• Bold on turbo

    Rm 3,000 – Rm 5,000

    Bolt on turbo myvi 1.3 K3-VE

    11001ah005AM AUTO menyediakan perkhidmatan pemasangan turbo pada kereta – kereta NA yang menggunakan injection/ECU trotle body MAP/MAF pressure sensor. Dengan pemasangan turbo kit ini pemanduan akan menjadi lebih lancar, mudah untuk memotong dan mendaki bukit yang tinggi.

    Pemasangan adalah untuk FE/VE iaitu pembakaran petrol yang lengkap dan sempurna.


    • Bolt On Turbo Kit that can be easily installed to stock engine.
    • All required parts for installation are included in the kit.
    • Special ECU is included in the kit.
    • Proved T25 turbine was selected to be used with stock engine and injector as low boost pressure spec without turbo lug.

    *1 : Spark spark plug is required separately. (Denso Iridium or Borch Super 4 are recommended.)


    – T25G turbine 60T A/R0.64
    – Actuator Assy (adjustable: supercharger setting 0.3kgf/cm2)
    – Exhaust manifold (cast)
    – Extension pipe (cast)
    – Chamber Pipe (polished aluminum)
    – Suction pipe (polished aluminum)
    – SPF reloaded (Dry 3 layer)
    – Other short parts
    – E-Manage / EMS-1 / FIC6 (special data)
    – Pigghyback harness + connection cable (OBD II)

    Remarks for installation

    • Please make sure that the engine and ECU are normal.
    • Gasoline must be the “high octane”
    • The spark plug is needed (Denso Iridium is recommended)
    • Turbo oil must be used for engine oil (10w50 is recommended)

    Performance (absolute)

    12% more power 160kW (217ps) than the stock.
    40% more torque 30kg/m.
    This vehicle produce high performance at low rpm, so no need to keep the high rpm.


    Normal vehicle performance test

    Power Torque
    Catalog value 200ps (147kW)/6800rpm 23.7kgf/m (232Nm)/4500rpm
    Normal 194ps (143kW)/6400rpm 21.5kgf/m (211Nm)/4200rpm
    Bolt on turbo kit 217ps (160kW)/6600rpm 30.0kgf/m (295Nm)/3100rpm

    * Horse power and torque are tested on chassis dynamometer.
    * Actual test of normal value is for the LMP+R/SR installed.

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